A Comfortable Bathroom That Appeals To The Elderly

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A bathroom is one of the areas in a house that needs to be designed carefully. It should be planned in such a way that the needs of all the family members are taken into account. For instance, if there are disabled members or elder members in the family the bathing areas should be designed accordingly. The special needs of the elderly is one important factor that cannot be disregarded when doing this.

Why does the elderly need more attention?

The elderly should be given special care because they are in a physically weak state. Their comfort should also be prioritized when building or remodelling your bathroom with fold up shower seat. The elder members of the family should be able to use the bathroom with the same comfort as you do. This could be done by adding bathroom fittings which are specially designed and marketed for older people. Their physical conditions can be so poor to the extent that taking a shower in a normal bathroom space is difficult for them. There are plenty of methods to fix this issue.

They aren’t forgotten!

There are special bathroom interiors in the market which accommodates to these special needs of the elderly. There are showers for the elderly that would allow them to use the bathroom without the aid of somebody else. Even if they are in a frail and feeble state some elders do not feel comfortable with the idea of seeking assistance to use the bathroom. There are other equipment such as transfer chairs, bath tub lifts, grab poles, grab bars, raised toilet seats etc that could really help out an elder to use the bathroom quite conveniently.

Prioritising their convenience

A senior citizen’s convenience should always be prioritised even when it comes to designing a bathroom. A young, physically fit individual can use the shower in any way he wants but an elderly person would need a shower rail to have a comfortable shower. If you are planning a home, it is your duty to provide these necessities to the elder members in your family. This should also draw the attention of those who design public bathrooms. There should be special equipment installed for the convenience of senior citizens.

A bathroom should be accessible to all despite their age and physical state. It is a freedom entitled to all of us but someone with a physical disability or weakness cannot get the same bathroom experience as we do. Therefore their special needs have to be addressed when planning out a private bathroom or a public one. Their comfort should be more prioritised than yours.