How To Pack For An Enjoyable Trekking Adventure

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Trekking is a great recreational activity that will your brain the break that it needs from all the daily stress. It also helps people to find their connection to nature which is very important nowadays given the climate change that has resulted because of man’s way of destroying nature and its balance. In order to make sure that your holiday is a memorable one for all the right reasons you need to pack right. Remember that you will most possibly be on your own with the travel buddies and no access to many modern amenities. Here is how you should pack right for a great trekking adventure.

Make a list of all the essentials you need

Essentials do not include make up or fashionable clothing. In fact, you must try to travel as light as possible with just the correct things. The best way is to make a list and include things like food supplies, dry rations, water, sanitary products, medicine, travel gear such as a camping table that can be easily folded away and the right attire. Having a list means that you will not forget anything that you need to take and then, if you do remember anything extra you can always add it to the list as well.

Wear the right clothes

You need to be well covered and comfortable more than anything. If you are trekking in areas with dense vegetation or harsh sun or even if it is really cold, you need to guard yourself from insect bites, other potentially venomous animals and weather conditions. You should also wear attire that suits the climate of your destination and will not make you feel uncomfortable when you start sweating. The hiking shoes that you wear must have great traction and should grasp on firmly even in slippery slopes.

Get your medical supplies in order

You need to have a fully packed emergency medical kit to hand. It will be ideal if a person that is traveling with you is trained in first aid or CPR just in case the need arises. Even if this is not the case make sure you carry analgesics, pain killers, insect repellent products, antibiotics, antiseptics some plasters band aids and the likes.

Will you have access to communication?

If you run out of the money in your mobile phone will you have a way to access the rest of the world if your chosen destination is very remote, or rather, would that area have any internet or mobile coverage? These are questions that you must answer and if the area is really remote you might be safer employing the services of a local guide who can show you all the way. Take your communication devices with you if you know you can keep them safe and make sure to have some extra cash in their so you can still communicate if you get the chance.