How To Spot Fake Locks And Real Locks!

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With the use of hair extensions becoming more and more common, the issue of synthetic hair versus real hair has popped up. Synthetic hair is used widely for wigs and even as extensions, the problem, however, is that quite a number of people have been tricked into buying synthetic hair. Unless you are specifically looking for synthetic hair, there should be no reason as to why you should have to do with it, and hence, it is important to arm yourself with enough knowledge to be able to spot the differences between real and fake hair! Below are some of the main methods to distinguish between the two:

  • The fire test – this is the most accurate test you have to find whether the extensions you are using are indeed real human hair extensions. It basically is just as the name suggests – you have to singe a few of the hair strands from the extension. If the strands are singed and turn upward whilst emanating that specific odour of burnt hair, you know that you have real hair extensions. On the other hand, if the hair strands ball up and fall down as dark blobs of goo that is definitive proof that the extensions were made from plastic.
  • The price – of course, the fire test is not a viable test when you have not yet purchased your extensions, which is why you should know of other ways to know the two apart. The price is one such way to get a good idea about the quality of hair. Whilst you will find that clip-in extensions are considerably cheaper when compared to other extensions such as skin weft hair extensions, the basic point is that synthetic hair is way cheaper than real hair – the latter can easily cost a couple of hundred dollars.
  • Observe and feel it – if the price still does not give you an idea, the next step is observing and touching the extensions in questions. Synthetic best hair extensions are extremely shiny and glossy in a way that is unnatural, and feel weirdly coarse to the touch. Furthermore, they are also too even at the ends. Natural hair extensions can easily blend in with your real hair, and should resemble it closely.
  • Styling options – finally, ask your stylist how to maintain your extensions, and how you can style it. Beware of any advice that basically asks you to stay away from heat. Natural hair extensions can safely be put under the irons with no consequences (you should still take care to not iron the topmost part, but this is normal); on the other hand, heat will basically melt synthetic hair extensions and glue them to your real hair (as the fire test shows). For more information, please log on to