Knowledge Of Architectural Styles

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We may be people who have no clue what an architectural style is. We do not know the technicalities of it. We just go to different building and gaze in awe at the way they have been built and furnished. We think ‘’oh I’m going to have something like that in my house’’, or ‘’ what a lovely fireplace or lighting’’. We just want to have little things from various places we have seen put together when we are building our dream home. But once we hire professionals to do the job for us we have absolutely no clue what the words such as rustic, medieval, gothic, modern, ultra edgy and so on are that keeps flowing out of their mouths.

Modern Architecture

Making your home look modern and stylish is all dependent on the architecture, is what the home builders would say. And it really is true. The various styles are born from the type of roofing that has been used, if there is a large number of walls and pillars or huge open spaces within the house, what is the material that has been used for the walls, the variations in color that have been used for both the interior and exterior and the list goes on.Modern architecture is an amazing blend of the various styles we have come across like rustic, medieval and gothic.

From apartments to luxury acreage home designs you can see the mix of styles. The rustic style is something that uses open floor plans, while preserving and exposing natural architectural elements. Lots of natural colors, an open fireplace, exposed roofing beams, raw wood and stone walls. Think of high ceilings with wooden beams to give the room a cathedral effect. And choice of furniture should be neutral with lots of natural fabrics like animal hides, jute and sisal. On the other hand we see medieval styles using rounded arches and vaults and the heavy use of piers instead of columns, with decorative arcading and large towers. Some of the most modern buildings of today have indeed used these gothic style of including gargoyles of mythical creatures to give the building a mysterious effect on the whole. The use of stained glass windows and doors also adds to the medieval aura of a building.Even using a combination of the different styles or using one style through and through can give you amazing result at the end of the day. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to modern architecture, people play around with lots of creative new ideas while still trying to maintain the rich natural history of the building and surrounding. Many of the ancient building have undergone renovations but you would not be able to tell the different because their original architecture has been flawlessly maintained. Letting the creativity flow is the best way to come with unique ideas while still paying respect to the artistic work of those who lived many years before us.