Steps To Prepare Your Home For The Rainy Season

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You’d of course love the fresh smell of rain, the blooming flowers and singing birds, but have you prepared your home for the rainy season? It’ll be too late when you realize you need to fix a few things when they start leaking and water starts dripping from all around your home. So here are a few easy things you could do to get your home prepared for the rains and avoid any hassle.

  • Get your roof ready
    The roof is the most obvious place to start from during the rainy season. Look for cracks, holes and rusts on any part of the roof so that you could get them prepared beforehand. Make sure your gutters are cleared out since the last thing you need is to clean out clogged and contaminated water in gutters. Ensure proper gutter protection systems is in place so that no blockages happen. Remember, any leaks from the roof can weaken your walls and ceiling which will lead to bigger problems. So get things sorted right away.
  • Work from inside out
    Start your inspection from the inside of the house. Thoroughly check if there are any leakages from the roof. Look out for wet patches, wall or ceiling discolourations hence such places are where problems exist. Get a professional to repair them as soon as possible since getting a hold of them when the season starts could be nearly impossible.
  • Tackle your doors and windows
    It’s no use looking into the roof and repairing it and also getting gumleaf gutter protection if your doors and windows do not seal properly. For emergencies, consider purchasing hurricane socks which are designed to soak up to a gallon of water. These can be used for water seeping through your garage door, basement, doors and windows. These are very easy to use since you could simply dry it up after a use. Also, ensure proper ventilation is in place since you’ll have your doors and windows closed all the time.
  • Clear out dead branches
    There could be dead branches on trees surrounding your house. Cut them off so that the risk of them falling on your roof due to heavy winds is avoided. Trimming your trees all in all is good before rainy season rather than just chopping off the dead branches. You’ll be on the safe side.
  • Inspect your basement
    Other than the roof, your basement is the easiest place to have leakages. If so, you may have to get it fully repaired beforehand, to avoid hassle. If not, you’d be too late when it starts to fill up.