Tricks For Tresses To Grow Faster

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There have been days where one regrets cutting their hair way too short and would want it to grow longer. It is important to keep in mind that it is impossible to grow it overnight. However, there are simple tricks one could follow to make it look longer and some of them will speed up the process.

Oil is your best friend
Remember back in the day where your mother used to run behind you to apply oil? Yes that thick liquid which makes you look like someone who is in nursery. One needs to get back to regular oil massage. It is important to keep in mind that applying oil without any massage wouldn’t really help with hair growth. One needs to take time off their busy schedule and apply it at least thrice a week for quick results.

Do not stress
It is natural for one to be stressed about their tresses especially when they miss their long locks and regret cutting it. Stress is bad for hair which could lead to hair loss. So one should avoid overthinking. If it is really important to have long locks for an upcoming event, then one could opt for wigs. There are many wigs in the market which looks similar to natural hair and it’s a simple way to trick people that one has long locks.

Change some shower habits
For tresses to grow faster one needs to make couple of changes in their daily shower rituals. Some people avoid using conditioner after shampoo. According to research it is the shampoo which should be skipped more often than the conditioner. Also one could switch their regular shampoo with the one which promises to give longer hair. It is advisable to have shower in cold water as it prevents moisture loss and this simple trick can make a huge difference on the length.

Stay away from treatments which damage tresses
If one is trying to grow their tresses then they need to stay away from chemical treatments. These treatments do help hair look well but in the long run it damages it. One should stay away from permanent hair extensions Sydney. This is because according to research it leads to hair loss which could slower the process of growth. Instead one could use hair masks such as egg which is rich in protein and will help tresses to look healthy.Lastly one needs to feed their body with right diet which is rich in protein and vitamins. Some people take supplements or vitamins for it to grow faster. However, one should always consult a doctor before taking any sort of supplements. These simple tricks will help one to get their long locks back in no time!best-wigs